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Yao Ayeh

Yao Ayeh is a Designer Tailor based in NYC. He firstly trained as a Menswear Designer, Pattern maker and tailor at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Having graduated after 5 years of studies, Yao began his career working as a Tech Designer in Womenswear. Next, for 2 years, he shadowed master tailors in several ateliers in NY learning the true art of tailoring and garment development. These experiences and more, led Yao to be recruited by the house of Chanel in 2014. There, he spent the following 5 years learning unique sewing techniques and Haute Couture. Yao has been with CRS since 2018 where he’s been utilizing his knowledge of apparel technical design and development. He is passionate about craftsmanship, high quality fashion and helping each client achieve his or her wardrobe vision.

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