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Cha Cha Zutic

Originally from Melbourne Australia Cha Cha first started sewing with her Italian Grandmother... despite the language barrier she managed to bond with needle and thread and this was the beginning of over 20 years of sewing, pattern making and draping techniques.

Cha Cha assisted Bryan Bradley from Tuleh in his downtown atelier which inspired her to further her knowledge in couture and tailoring techniques through extensive study at FIT.  She was pattern maker at Tome for 5 years, executing complex designs within constricting time frames.

Cha Cha has represented Christy Rilling Studio for two years and worked with clients such as:

Vogue Magazine,, W Magazine, Givenchy, Prada, Tom Ford, Jennifer Lawrence.

Vogue Camp

 Vogue January

Tory Burch Front Row